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Here at New Pro Wrestling we've seen many battle royals & royal rumbles, but never one quite like this. If you recognize some similarities between the participants and some of the competitors from earlier in this DVD, you aren't going crazy. This is a special Costume Gimmick Rumble: each competitor was allowed to dress up as some sort of character if they chose to do so. The rest of the rules are still the same, one man enters within the allotted time, and you must be thrown over the top rope so both feet touch the floor to be eliminated. Some of the characters impersonated here include: Link, Wayne Rooney, Donkey Kong, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Mario. A toy horse and blow up doll even make an appearance in this wild rumble! Normal rumble shenanigans take place, like allegiances being made and broken as each grappler struggles to eliminate as many people as possible. Unfortunately for the wrestlers eliminated there is no one up they can take to get back in the match. Who will be the last man standing in this odd British variation of the classic free-for-all? All these guys are on their way up, so stayed tuned for more of these young stars!

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