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Match 1: Phil Otunga vs. Paul Robinson

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On this first match from an indie show with lots of new talent, Phil Otunga is a tall shaggy looking brute, not somebody you really want to bump into in a dark London alley at night. Paul Robinson is his exact opposite, smaller in stature, a fiery personality with a genuine good guy smile. A classic 'blue eye.' Otunga walks up to Paul and slaps him in the face! Robinson is no pushover. Angered by his opponent's disrespect, he uses his superior athleticism to armdrag & drop kick his opponent right out of the ring! Phil may have been outmaneuvered but he won't be outsmarted. He baits Paul to come outside the ring and get him. After a scramble around the ring, Phil rolls in and gives Paul a big boot upon his re-entry. It's a battle of strength, size and killer instincts against speed, agility, and the will to win. As both men wear each other down the action gets more spectacular; back suplexes, martial arts kicks, clotheslines, moonsaults, german suplexes, wheelbarrow moves, cross-body blocks, and much more. The end comes with both competitors perched up on the top turnbuckle, fighting for position. Something's, gotta give, and what goes up must come down... hard!

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