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Match 5: Martin Stone vs. Steve Morley

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Australian superstar Steve Morley enters the arena waving a giant Australian flag, which isn't a problem with most of the fans until he grabs the microphone and insults them and their country. He claims to be Australia's best, and he should make easy work out of the UK wrestlers, "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie", he cries out. The audience is enraged. Martin Stone makes his way to the ring and immediately grabs the microphone and lets Morley know everything he just said was "bullocks". A wild brawl erupts and Brit Martin Stone hammers Steve Morely all over the ring before he throws him outside to continue his abuse. Morley manages to weather the initial storm and stage a comeback; it takes every trick in the book, and every ounce of energy from him to keep the bigger Brit down. Martin Stone isn't somebody you can keep down for very long through; stalling vertical suplexes, decapitating clotheslines, punches, spinebusters, and kicks are exchanged back & forth. Stone nearly has the victory but Morely manages to kick out. Feeling that the referee's 3 count wasn't fast enough, Martin goes over to have a word with the official, a bad choice when you are in the ring with a hyena like Steve Morley. Steve quickly capitalizes with a low blow on Martin. With the big man incapacitated, Steve hits a quick jumping leg drop and goes up to the top rope .... Will Steve Morley show his Australian superiority, or can UK's bad boy Martin Stone, recover enough to capture the win?

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