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Tired of the same old bloated corporate wrestlers and tasteless soap opera storylines?

NewPro Wrestling brings back all the great holds, classic moves and dramatic action that made old-school pro wrestling great! Our matches tell great stories within the action with minimal run-ins, belt rivalries, repeatedly over-used and seemingly ineffective finishing moves, freak finishes or non-sensical action. We go back to basics: the true heart, soul and core of professional wrestling.

From New England to Olde England, from Alabama to Ireland, we bring you exciting athletic pro wrestling action featuring mostly light, middle and cruiser-weight wrestlers, serious established talent and high-flying future stars. Our high quality DVDs and VODs feature tomorrow's stars today! Our goal: long wrestling matches with substance, style and logic.

NewPro Wrestling QUALITY

Our goal is to provide high quality videos that showcase these up-and-coming wrestlers and their promotions, as well as bring their work to fans around the world. We only occasionally run or co-promote shows; mostly we connect with local promotions and up-and-coming stars and collaborate to showcase the talents of the wrestlers, sometimes in dark matches without an audience, or with a small crowd of supporters..

You'll see some of the same wrestlers in multiple DVDs or VODs in each of our series: US Indies, UK Lads of the Ring, Irish Lads of the Ring and Shoot Wrestling. There are no champs or belts, but there are great grudge matches, alliances, tag team break-ups and other old school action. Many of our matches feature '2 out of 3 falls or submissions', multiple submission or "I Quit" matches and other variations from the one-fall standard.

Follow each series, or sample our various DVDs and VODs. Some are made at shows, and some are private or "dark" matches produced just for NewPro Wrestling. We've been taping wrestling for over 20 years, and we do it better than anyone else because we are all wrestlers ourselves and we know wrestling. We don't hire kay-fabe or mark videographers and photographers who don't know what they're watching, or how to anticipate the apex of that perfect high spot. We've been doing it and photographing it for over 2 decades so the prices reflect the quality you've come to expect from the very best. You will also notice that with the redesign of this website all our prices have been reduced! All DVDs run just over 100 minutes and often have previews of other DVDs at the end.

All DVDs are $25 plus shipping and handling, plus fees to ship outside North America. Visit our webstore for more information.



Great British talent (in the US, workers refer to themselves as one of the 'boys'; in the UK they are 'lads'), melding athletic UK wrestling with high-flying US-style pro in bouts that often go multiple-falls, and include all weight classes from super-lightweight to the big guns. In some matches, as in classic old-style Brit wrestling, the rules are slightly different and the action might be in rounds as in boxing, but this just makes the action more interesting! We also take you behind the scenes to some try-out matches in the NWA-UK training facilities. And frequently we go behind the scenes before, after and even during the shows and tapings. We respect the business but we also endeavor to give smart fans a more dimensional view of the pro wrestling world.


These young Irish talents have put their green isle on the map with a great mix of European and US-style pro action. From Cork to Dublin, there's great action and interviews with some of the stars. Besides providing an excuse to visit the beautiful Emerald Isle and the great Irish people, these are some of the most committed wrestlers and professional productions anywhere to be found. They are a relatively new, youthful organization and their energy and passion for the business combined with the great effort they put into each and every aspect of their shows has garnered our admiration.


This series includes brutal pro battles with some of the best new wrestlers, principally from the southeast US. There are pro shows in bars, warehouses, and behind the scenes in local arenas! There is also the NewPro series with matches featuring Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee pros in carefully booked bouts with terrific new talent and established veterans. Some of the matches take place before a select audience (usually other workers and up-and-coming trainees), some in a crowded, noisy arena. Sometimes it's just the two wrestlers alone with only the cameras present. If you go through the roster, you'll find early matches of young unknowns who have gone on to make quite a name for themselves in the business.