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Match 2: J-Sin Daniels vs. JT Greed

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JT Greed is very vocal expressing his hate for New Pro star J-Sin. They are set to square off in a two out of three falls match. Neither man has a clear-cut advantage over the other. J-Sin is very muscular, and has outstanding wrestling ability, but JT Greed has a height advantage, a mean streak, and a willingness to bend the rules into his favor. J-Sin works hard to keep Greed on the mat where he is more limited, and cant use his height, and leverage to dominate the match up, but unfortunately he is unable to and JT Greed manhandles J-Sin. A missed maneuver by JT Greed allows J-Sin to gain a quick pin fall victory, but it seems like the damage has already been done. J-Sin falls victim to a brutal series of camel clutches, and Boston crabs, topped off with a torture rack to gain a submission victory. It appears that J-Sin is down, and out of the fight. Will he make a comeback or has JT Greed already inflicted too much damage for J-Sin to recover from?

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