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Match 1: Phil DeCarlo vs. Jerry Lewis, Jr. & Nick Girard

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This opening bout of NewPro 10 features two wrestlers with contrasting styles. First, Phil DeCarlo enters the ring full of cockiness. His opponent, Jerry Lewis Jr., seems out of his element in the ring as he stumbles across the first rope when entering the ring. But don't let Lewis' looks fool you. He sure can wrestle. At first he gets a couple of shoulderblocks and clotheslines that send him down to the mat hard, but he comes right back up with a pair of flying headscisors. When attempting a third one, he gets caught in a brutal spine-chilling powerbomb. DeCarlo continues working on his opponent's back with bodyslams, flying powerslams, and an over-the-knee backbreaker. Is it the end for Lewis Jr. or does he have something up his sleeve?

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