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Match 3: Killer Instinct (Mike Stratus & Scotty Cage) vs. East Coast Connection

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Fan favourites Andy Hawke and Lance Christian, known as the East Coast Connection take on the team of Killer Instinct in this tag team contest. Quick tags are made during the opening minutes of the contest to establish dominance, but Scotty Cage outpowers smaller Lance Christian to get the advantage. But when Christian finds the hot tag to his partner, Hawke comes in and hits Cage with a double suplex. When Christian re-enters the ring, he shows off incredible athletic ability with a picture-perfect dropkick. Soon, his weight disadvantage comes into play again as hes hoisted on top of Stratus shoulders for a death valley driver. Cage comes in to replace his partner, but in a shocking turn of events, finds himself caught in a DDT. Tag team wrestling at its best. When you think one teams get the 3-count, think again. A devastating combined leg drop and splash of the top rope finishes one team up.

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