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Match 5: Kruschevski (J.T. Greed) & Chick Donovan vs. New Express (IronMan & Rush)

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New Express takes matter in their own hands as they're after tag team gold. In the first minutes of the opening bell, they slingshot themselves into the ropes, jump over their opponents and try to small package them into victory. This tactic doesn't seem to work as they are quickly grounded by the much more imposing Russian Kruschevski. He goes on and works methodically on a body part, like the arm, and quickly locks in submission moves that will make his opponents moan in pain. As the fan favorites are able to mount some offence, they get grounded back by the tag champs. A cobra clutch into a side russian leg sweep sends one of the New Express begging for mercy. Fans start to chant USA but to no avail as the tag team champions secure a victory with a double submission. The manager for Kruschevski and Donovan comes to the ring in joy and delivers a big splash to both of his foes for the exclamation point of the match.

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