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Match 5: Matt Stryker vs. Pepper Parks

USA- Ohio

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NewPro Around the world comes to a close with a Heavyweight Championship match up! The ultra popular Pepper Parks squares off against the defending champion Matt Stryker. Pepper has the early advantage peaking with a beautiful neck breaker. Peppers scales the top rope, and the match could be over with this one move but Stryker's ringside valet gives Parks a low blow while the referee isn't looking. Now with the scales unfairly tipped in his favor Stryker starts his dissection of Pepper Parks. A short-lived comeback attempt is cut short when Stryker takes out Peppers leg with a devastating chop block to the back of his knee. Stryker is a very dangerous individual and he exploits Peppers injury with vicious submission holds that have Pepper screaming in agony! Parks hits a couple desperation moves and is fighting back on one leg! Stryker is in a lot of trouble; can Pepper Parks pull out NewPro's greatest comeback win ever? Or will Matt Stryker find someway to turn this miracle comeback into a heartbreaking defeat?

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