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Match 4: Aaron Stride vs. Justin Corino

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Aaron Stride is one of those cocky, pretty boy heels that you love to hate. Justin Corino is the local tough guy who doesn't take stuff from anybody and loves a knock-down drag-out fight. These two are like oil and vinegar and as you can imagine Justin couldn't wait to get his hands on the mouthy, long-haired, pretty boy heel to shut him up for good. A very physical match right from the start, maybe too physical for Stride's taste, as he tries to run away several times, but Justin catches up with him and slams him back into the ring each time. A simple pin or submission won't satisfy either, only punishing the opponent matters at this point. A series of painful low blows by each wrestler are just part of this out-of-control finale that leads to a brutal slam that will leave one wrestler wishing he never laced up his boots.

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