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Match 6: The Finglas Hooligans (Hooligans) vs. J-Sin & Romeo

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The Hooligans are shown in a warm up match that was a complete all out brawl from the previous night before we cut to college gym and get ready for some tag team wrestling! The impressive team of J-Sin and Romeo takes the fight to the Hooligans early on in the match. A spectacular spine buster from Romeo followed up by a top rope leg drop may end this match as quickly as it started. That's not the case, and we're glad, because our fan favorites put on a tag team wrestling clinic. J-Sin makes one mistake that allows the Hooligans to take the advantage, and isolate J-Sin from his partner. Double team moves are frequently used on J-Sin, as his partner looks on helpless. After some excruciating leg work, and double teaming J-Sin makes the tag. Romeo has the match won but the referee was knocked out! What will happen next?!?!

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