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Match 2: Pepper Parks vs. Ala Hussein

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Pepper Parks is an all American good guy: clean cut, well built, and one heck of a wrestler. His opponent Ala Hussein is an arrogant Iraqi wrestling champion; nobody questions his toughness, just his principles. Ala has never been shy of breaking the rules or taking a shortcut to pick up a win. The two exchange holds to start the match off, each using a combination of technical skill and raw power to one-up his opponent. Pepper gets the better of Ala in the first fall of this 2 out of 3 falls match up, making him submit in a tight armbreaker. Just when it looks like Pepper is about to close out the match and win a second fall in a row, Ala hits a quick take down and goes to work an Pepper's thick legs. Ankle locks, knee bars, figure 4 leg lock variations an two single leg crab variations weaken the all-American grappler to the point of submission. With the match tied up 2 each, it's do or die. A KO finish seals the deal for one beefy star.

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