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Match 1: Adam Young vs. Matt Gilbert

2 out of 3 Falls Double Heel Match Up!

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Leopard-print slender heel Adam Young takes on brash & cocky NewPro veteran Matt Gilbert, last seen in NewPro 12 beating up Lance Christian. The action starts fast & furious. Matt gives Adam a big knee lift out of a lock up to take an early lead, but when Adam hits a vicious German suplex out of a waistlock reversal, the match just might be over for the cocky vet. Super kicks, suplexes, low blows & eye rakes all lead up to a devastating powerbomb that nearly puts one competitor away. A timely reversal and dragon sleeper puts an end to fall 1. The victor from the previous fall locks on a tight submission hoping to gain an easy submission victory but his opponent is able to fight his way out. A missed high-risk maneuver leads to a hangman submission hold to tie the match up at 1 fall apiece. Both heels, physically exhausted and worn down from repeated slams, suplexes, holds & strikes, muster the strength to battle it out in the final spectacular fall. A sleeper hold variation KO's one warrior in this old school schooling!

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