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Match 4: Lance Christian vs. Flyguy

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A two out of three falls match up is up next. This is a classic example of why wrestlers should stick with what their good at. Lance Christian quickly finds out he can't out power the massive Flyguy. But once Lance uses his speed and wrestling ability to counter Flyguys brute strength he is able to use some quick arm drags and drop kicks to get the advantage. The momentum swings back and forth during the match as both men play off their strengths and try to limit their opponent to their weaknesses. Flyguy shouldn't leave his feet, and when he does it backfires. A submission, and jaw dropping pin fall have the match tied at 1-1. The victor capitalizes on his opponent's mistake, and gets the submission win. A beat down occurs after the match, and Sean Logan runs out to assist, but will he help the attacker or the defender?

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