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Match 4: Rush & Dru Delyte vs. RPM & Chris Kevorkian

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It's a melee in the beginning of this contest. The referee can't control neither team and they all go at it. Chris gets sent out of the ring and his partner RPM is caught, double teamed, in Rush and Dru Delyte's web. At one point, Rush puts RPM in a full nelson, Double D is running towards them, and catch him in mid air in the nelson, and drive his head into the mat. RPM's quickness and flying ability gets his team to take control of the match with a round house fying kick. Then comes Chris Kevorkian to work on the mat aspect. Don't count Rush and Double D out of this yet though. A member of the losing team is caught in a HUGE powerbomb that makes the ring shake. His tag partner isn't quick enough to make the save.

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