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Match 3: Kaos vs. Scotty Cage

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This is the ultimate match for the submission lovers. Kaos and Scotty Cage battle it out in a gruelling submission match. Scotty Cage asks in the early stages of the match if Kaos wants to submit to his boston crab. Seeing his move is ineffective, Cage works the legs of his opponent some more and locks in a figure-4 leglock, an Indian death lock and finally a reverse STF for the first submission. Kaos is shown the ropes again as hes locked in an excruciating Regal stretch. Much to his demise, Kaos gets out of it and gains some momentum with a bearhug and an abdominal stretch that gets reversed. Kaos, a real student of the game, shows off his impressive skills as he locks on another bearhug and a Kokina clutch that makes Cage tap out. A beautiful sleeper ends this unbelievable match-up.

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