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Match 5: Vordell Walker vs. Dan Ivy (Poison Dan Ivy)

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Walker and Ivey are two powerhouses wanting to determine who the strongest man between the two is. Walkers offence is methodical as he stretches Iveys arms, bringing him down to the mat. Ivey hasnt said his last word though as he goes flying with a cross-body press and a neck crunching clothesline. A powerful sidewalk slam makes the ring shake upon impact. Ivey shows off more strength when he catches Walker in mid air, rams him into two corners and delivers a Spinebuster for the three count. 2-out-of-3 falls match rules apply and Walker makes a comeback. A triangle choke, right out of a UFC bout, means lights out for Poison Dan Ivey. The last fall goes to the one who wants it more. But who walks out victorious?

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