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Match 2: Matt Gilbert vs. Mike Sampson (RTR Mike Sampson)

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Mike Sampson is seen stretching with the help of the ropes before his cocky opponent, Matt Gilbert arrives. It's a totally classic match where a fan favorite mat technician gets to battle against a heel. Good back and forth action as the match begins. To the point where Gilbert backs up in the corner in a seating position to take a breath. But, being the opportunist as he is, when Sampson comes for him, he takes him by his trunks, and shoves him into the ring post. A severe beating focusing on the neck begins. Unfortunately for Gilbert, he's not able to focus and loses the first fall to a flying leg drop from the top rope. Matt then comes back to his senses and wins the second fall with an octopus abdominal stretch that will make Mike tap out and beg for mercy. The final fall is decided and someone gets KOed with an inverted and totally innovative sleeper hold.

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