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Match 5: Chuck E Chuck & Terry Christian vs. Joey C & J-Sin Daniels

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In this two out of three falls tag team brawl, fan favorites J-Sin and Joey C. take on classic tough heels Terry Christian and Chuck E. Chuck. And classic they are. In typical heel fashion, they don't wait for the bell to start to get it on. In fact, they attact our fan favorites from behind to try and get a early advantage. A submission victory is hard to obtain in tag team matches. If you lock it up, the member of the opposite team will run and kick you hard for an immediate release of the hold. But, J-Sin was more intelligent here as he took out Terry Christian as his partner locked on a painful bridged indian death lock to win the first fall. Unfortunately for them, J-Sin was not as quick to save his tag team partner from the dreaded double boston crab Christian that Chuck put on him. The winning team will pull out everything they can to win the last fall and the match. Will the tough heels win or will the popular team of J-Sin and Joey C. be victorious?

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