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Match 1: Jon Moxley vs. Jonny Firestorm

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Our opening bout pits John Moxley --a cocky, confident, powerful heel with an attitude-- against a high flying, Jonny Firestorm. Moxley easily overpowers Firestorm, but his overconfidence gets the best of him, and Jonny Firestorm hits a dropkick from the top rope that knocks his much larger opponent into next week! Jonny is on the offensive using a high-flying style of wrestling to keep Moxley off balance, and off guard. Moxley wisely gets out of dodge, and retreats outside of the ring to regroup. Moxley catches Firestorm in mid-air after an attempted dive to the outside, and rams him back-first into the steel ring pole. Moxley wears down, and punishes Jonny with a variety of body slams, chokes, and a bearhug. Jonny has a never-say-die attitude though, and mounts another spectacular high-flying comeback!! Could this be an upset victory for young Jonny, or will John Moxley be able to fend off the aerial assault, and pick up the win?

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