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Match 10: Jonny Moss (Vigilante) vs. Stefan Wolofski

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Vigilante isn't used to being the smaller man in a match, but he is this time as he takes on the massive Wolofski. Vigilante has trouble-budging Wolofski at first, but once he knocks him off his balance he is able to SUPLEX the big man in an incredible show of power! Wolofski is just too big to keep down, and he takes over the match-dominating Vigilante. At one point Wolofski misses a big splash but Vigilante isn't able to capitalize. A bear hug is used to wear down Vigilante, but he is able to escape, and hit a huge power move on Wolofski to even things out. An amazing finish will leave you in awe, as these men will sacrifice their own bodies to put the other away.

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