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Match 5: Fergal Devitt vs. Gonzo de Mondo vs. Paddy Morrow

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Fan favorite Paddy "Suicide Machine" Morrow is outnumbered early in the match as both heels agree to team up and try to take him out of the match. Fortunately Morrow is able to outsmart his opponents and stay on top of the match using a high flying offence that sends both Fergal, and the long haired Gonzo de Mundo to the outside of the ring. This match is packed full of amazing action, and moves that you wont want to miss. Cross arm powerbombs, Suicide moonsalt, innovative submissions, three way moves, and insane high impact power moves, and ferocious brawling outside the ring into the crowd nearly leave all three men crippled! A match this spectacular can be guaranteed to have a finish even better.

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