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Match 1: Maxer vs. Ross Brown

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First match on the card starts out with Brown strutting his way to the ring like a swinger out of some old Hollywood flick, accompanied by his partner Kung Fu. The pair tempt fate when they unveil the British flag before the incensed Irish crowd! The insulting display is halted by Maxer's entrance, much to the crowd's delight. Determined to showcase Irish pride, Maxer brings the fight to Ross, throwing him off balance with a series of dropkicks and flying headscissors. After withstanding a counterattack from Ross and outside interference from Kung Fu, Maxer gains the victory with a surprise rollup. But the match is not over, as Kung Fu enters the ring, with a weakened and surprised Maxer in his sights. Can the Irish hero defeat both British rogues in back to back bouts?

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