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Match 1: Andy Flyer vs. Andy Jaxx

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It's the battle of the Andys as both Flyer and Jaxx try to come out on top in this grueling match up. The California native Jaxx doesn't seem to get approval of this UK crowd. Flyer, on the other hand, getting all the fan support, begins this match with a series of hip tosses and clothesline that makes Jaxx wish he was still in the dressing room. As the referee argues with Flyer over his tactics, Jaxx comes back in and pummels him from behind. Sitting in the corner, dazed, Flyer receives a dropkick right on the chest for good measures. Dragging him in the center of the ring, Jaxx locks on a figure-4 leglock and gets some more leverage with the ropes. Will it be enough to make Flyer tap out?

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