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A 12-man elimination tournament kicks things off in this lads tape. First up is the longhaired Blockbuster gets a narrow win over young heel Senian. Next trainee cruiserweight Jack is up, and puts on a spectacular showcase of aerial maneuvers to get the win. Nasty heel Wayne is out next, and he is just too big, and powerful for little Jack to beat it would seem. Jack scores with a huge elbow drop off the top for the 3. Billy Crane is out next. A great back and forth contest between these two cruisers ends with little Jack taking a devastating Gory Bomb Driver. Tad is the next competitor out, and manages to advance with a Pump-handle Michinoku Driver. A very technical match is up next as Mike Shepard takes on Tad. Tad hits a beautiful Fisherman's suplex for the win. Phil Broz is up next, and he takes advantage of Tads fatigued state. A Swinging Neckbreaker will be all she wrote for Tad. Mr. Vain is out next, and he utilizes the low blow quite often in this match. A huge move off the top rope will put Broz away. Next the sensational Davey Henz is up, and he is able to disperse of Vain with a stunning Frog Splash. Alex Gold is out next and he stretches Henz out enough to get a submission. A brand new trainee rookie is up next, and Gold shows no mercy. A bow and arrow submission victory for Gold. Paul Vault is up next, and he is too much for Gold to handle after already wrestling in 2 competitive matches. A spectacular finish to an even more spectacular superfight.

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