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Match 5: Vigilante vs. Gary Steele

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Gary Steele isnt intimidated by Vigilantes tag team partner supporting him in this ladder match, so he quickly chases him out of the ring. When the bell rings, Steele shows off why hes a fan favourite by executing high flying maneuvers and locking on several headscisors. Vigilante retaliates with a series of suplexes of his own draining some of Steele's energy. After taking back control of the match, Steele brings a steel chair into play. But, it turns against him, as his opponent smashes his face into it. Than placing him well in front of the ropes, and delivering an Arabian face buster, which consists of a legdrop onto a chair placed on your opponents head. Following the chair, the ladder, which is used to weaken Steele again, and again. After Vigilante delivers a big splash from the top of the ladder, squashing all the air out of Steele's body. Will Gary Steele be able to mount some offence and mount the ladder or is Vigilante too much for him to handle?

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