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Match 4: Tommy Trouble vs. Shawn Moore

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Tommy spends a lot of time in the gym and it shows. He goes through a full posing routine before his match with the curly haired Shawn Moore. In fact when Shawn Moore does show up the conceded Tommy Trouble showboats to him posing and flexing at his opponent. Moore isn't intimidated by Troubles physique and tells him to bring it on. The two start wrestling, lots of counters back and forth. Shawn Moore has a crushing headlock that he uses to try to wear Tommy Trouble down. Trouble though counters out of his paralyzing headlock and starts to work on Moore's arm in an attempt to neutralize the threat of Moore's headlock. Trouble really starts to put the hurt on Moore punishing every part of his body with crippling ab stretches, full nelsons, and body scissors. A fantastic innovative submission ends this brutal match up but you'll have to watch this exciting bout to find out who walks away the victor.

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