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Match 5: Irish Airborne vs. Mavericks

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This tag team grudge match is a result of a post match attack by the Mavericks that was supposed to take out the Irish Airborne, but instead it reunited them as a team. The sneaky, sleazy Mavericks enter the ring to a chorus of boo's but they are anxious to get their hands on the Irish Airborne, who enter the ring to a chorus of cheers. The match starts off with some fantastic wrestling counters and holds. The two teams seem to be evenly matched, but the Irish duo pulls ahead in the early going with some innovative entertaining wrestling maneuvers. It's hard to defend against a team that can attack you through the air or on the mat. The Mavericks finally resort to illegal double team moves, and tactics to gain the upper hand. Working away at one of the Irish Airborne's mid section in hopes of limiting his maneuverability the Mavericks seem to have the match in the bag. However a very timely tag could turn the tide of this outstanding match up. A very innovative high impact double team-finishing move spells defeat for one of the teams.

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