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Match 5: Sean Maxer & Carl 'Shooter' O'Rourke vs. Ross Brown & Dino Decious

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Arguably two of Ireland's most technically sound wrestlers are teamed together as Maxer, and Shooter take on outrageous heels Brown, and Decious in tag team action. Shooter easily outwrestle's Dino Decious, and makes a well-placed tag into Maxer. But the heels are able to gain the advantage and take out Maxer's leg, leaving him defenseless in the ring. Maxer take's the beating of a lifetime from the heels as they use illegal double teams, illegal moves, and a lot of chops to keep Maxer out of the match up. Maxer starts to make a come back, but can he make the tag to his partner? A double team finish move will cost one the match.

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