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Match 6: Justin Bread vs. Adam Abz

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Abz is a cocky heel that comes to the ring dancing. You would think he would want to save his energy seeing as this match is 2 out of 3 falls. Justin who is wearing yellow, and black is not impressed by his opponent's nonsense. Some great chain wrestling sets the pace for the match up. Abz uses a pump handle backbreaker to weaken Justin's back. Eventually a nasty Boston Crab is too much for young Justin to take and he gives up the first fall to the cocky heel. Abz is relentless though and continues to punish Justin's back. He applies the crab once more, but he went to the well one too many times, and Justin is able to counter out into a pin to even the match up. The third and final fall is a all out brawl between the two leading up to an exciting KO finish that leaves one of the two down for the three count.

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