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Match 6: Carl 'Shooter' O'Rourke vs. Jonny Moss (Vigilante)

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Another match of stark contrast as the Shooter, a master of matwork, takes on the powerhouse Vigilante. The two lock up and the action immediately spills outside the ring. The Shooter goes for the big man's legs, immobilizing him with a spinning toe hold followed by an ankle lock. But the Vigilante is no stranger to working on the mat, giving the Shooter a taste of his own medicine. Outgunned, the Shooter resorts to heel tactics to even the odds. The Vigilante goes for a flying headbutt but the crafty Shooter escapes in time and presses his newfound advantage. But it may not be enough as the smaller Shooter is overpowered and suplexed out of the ring onto the concrete floor! With both men down outside the ring, who will make it back in time and who will walk away with the win? Another thriller that has to be seen to be believed!

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