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Match 2: Jon Ryan vs. Andy Simmonz

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Long time NewPro Wrestling heel Jon Ryan (Lads 1,5,6,9,12,13,14,15,18) is back, and meaner than ever! He takes on beefy baby face Andy Simmonz. When Jon Ryan can't get the better of Andy during a wrestling exchange, he resorts to punishing strikes to weaken his more technically sound opponent. A big German suplex almost gets Andy a quick 3 count, but the resourceful veteran cuts him off with a hard shot to the gut. Ryan takes control of the match using some questionable techniques to stay on top of his powerful opponent, but Andy Simmonz has the heart of a warrior and will not stay down. A Piledriver could be all she wrote for Andy! A pin fall! 1...2... We won't spoil the end of this bout for you!

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