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Match 3: Ciaran Morrison vs. Darrell Allen

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This next bout pits two rookies fresh out of wrestling training against each other. Both were friends at one point, Ciaran Morrison (pictured in black tights) continued to work hard after the completion of his training, setting up the ring before shows, carrying the veteran's bags, all the stuff young rookie wrestlers are supposed to do to "pay their dues". Darrell Allen however turned his back on tradition, and the very same people who helped him through his training. He hired an agent who used his connections and leverage to push Darrell onto the main card immediately. Adopting the nickname "Dazzling" Darrell Allen pronounced he was the future of professional wrestling, and nobody could stop him from reaching stardom. A bout pitting well muscled, hard working, earnest Ciaran against his cocky, arrogant, afro puffed former training partner only seemed logical. A terrific bout with a surprise ending!

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