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Match 4: The Firm vs. The Thrillers

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An thrilling 8-man elimination tag team match is your main event on Lads 19. The Firm is made up of 4 of the most popular baby faces on the UK scene (Martin Stone, The Kartel, and the muscled Leroy Kincaide), who have joined together for one common cause... to bring an end to the Thrillers antics. The Thrillers (Mark Haskins, Joel Redman, Ricky Hype, and Iestyn Rees) stable consists of young "hot shot" wrestlers who have strong-armed themselves into every main event, and title match on the card. This is a long, hard hitting, action packed main event that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time! This match literally has it all! As the eliminations pile up the action intensifies; slams, suplexes, dropkicks, power bombs, double teams, illegal holds, DDTs, Boston crabs, and other submissions are just the icing on the cake. A series of well-timed maneuvers overcome a 2-1 deficit and secure the win for one team. A very hard fought match up, one of the best ever to main event a Lads tape, a must see!

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