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Match 2: Terry Frazier vs. James Dahmer

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Beefy heel James Dahmer is pacing the ring in his black singlet, when Terry Frazier's music hits and the fans go bananas. Frazier is another epitome of a wrestling good guy: toned muscles, handsome face, white trunks, and a tremendous personality. Unfortunately for Terry, James Dahmer shares none of those qualities. Dahmer extends his hand for a friendly handshake before the bout, Terry mistakes this as a sign of sportsmanship rather than one of Dahmer's devious moves. As soon as they shake hands Dahmer pounces on Terry like a hungry cat on a mouse. Terry is quite resilient and manages to turn the tide with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex that sends James outside the ring. A fired up Terry doesn't give James any time to recover; he uses his body as a torpedo and launches himself over the top rope onto his opponent outside the ring! This is a very hard-fought match with several momentum changes. Just when you think Terry is about to close in on a victory, Dahmer pulls the rug out from underneath him. When one competitor misses a moonsault splash, his opponent capitalizes and hits a powerful finishing combo. More great Lads of the Ring action!

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