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Match 4: Jimmy Havoc vs. Darrell Amrah

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Some of you may recognize Darrell Amrah from Lads of the Ring 19, where he made his debut under the name Darrell Allen. Darrell's grown up quite a bit; besides the name change, he's packed on some lean muscle, got rid of his poofy afro, and ditched his manager. His attitude is still the same, and he claims to be more "dazzling" than ever. The UK crowd is very vocal, letting Darrell know their displeasure for him. His opponent Jimmy Havoc strikes a different chord with audience members, and he is cheered wildly on his way to the ring. The contest starts off with some lightening fast wrestling exchanges. Each man is able to diagnose, counter and re-counter the other's maneuvers as they're being applied. Jimmy lives up to his nickname "Suicidal, Suicidal, Suicidal" by jumping from the top rope to the outside of the ring onto an unsuspecting Darrell Amrah. Back in the ring though, Darrell is able to counter one of Jimmy's high-flying moves into a spine-tingling powerbomb that near ly ends the match. Now that he's in the drivers seat, Darrell uses an array of punches, kicks, slams, & suplexes to weaken his opponent, before applying a modified Rings of Saturn stretch. Jimmy doesn't have an ounce of quit in him and manages to reverse the maneuver into a spinning reverse face-buster. The action spills outside the ring again and one competitor hits an elbow drop from the top rope to the floor outside the ring! A spectacular finishing move is all she wrote, and a perfect way to cap off this incredible match between two exciting future superstars.

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