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Match 1: Dene Jordan vs. Muscles Mansfield

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It's a battle of words on who's got the biggest muscles before the bell rings. With the crowd clearly behind him, Muscles Mansfield gets the upper hand with a couple of hiptosses that sends his smaller opponent outside the ring. As Mansfield goes to the outside to inflict more damage to his opponent, Dene quickly gets back into the squared circle and ambushes Mansfield upon his re-entry. Dene uses the ropes for leverage as he tries to choke his bigger opponent. He even sends him flying across the ring where Mansfield's back hits hard on the opposite turnbuckles. Dene locks on a figure-4 right in the middle of the ring. Will Mansfield try to reverse the hold and mount another offensive or will he succumb to the pain? And when we said Dene knows how to use the ropes, we really meant it.

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