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Match 2: Andy Gibson vs. Karupt

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Wearing a singlet and headgear, Andy Gibson will soon know that this isnt high school wrestling, but pro at its best when he takes on Karupt. Evenly matched, the bout starts with a couple of throws that Gibson wins, probably from his HS days. Disoriented by them, Karupt falls prey to a series of clotheslines and an unbelievable suspended vertical suplex. A fireman's carry into a vicious headlock almost gets Gibson the win, but Karupts foot is on the ropes. Karupt didn't say his last word yet. As a welcoming gift to his world, he throws Gibson from a powerbomb right into the turnbuckles. Gibson quickly retaliates with a series of suplexes reminding the audience of a younger Kurt Angle. A hot back bending texas cloverleaf finishes off the match, but who's applying it?

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