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Match 8: Kassius vs. Paul

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Kassius looks full of himself as he prepares to take on The Vault, Paul Beswick. He even tells the referee to check on him before the match starts. The Vault is quickly taken down with an arm twist. Checking the crowd for approval, Kassius doesnt see Beswick coming out with a big boot to the stomach area, followed by a huge bodyslam that leaves the ring shaking for more. Paul Beswick connects with a series of three suplexes, but when he want to go for a fourth one, is countered by his opponent's own variation of the plex. Beswick comes back in the match with a stunning Blockbuster off the second rope. Can The Vault capitalize on this big move? Moonsault city is in the future of Kassius, but when you play off the crowd too much, it'll come back to haunt you.

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