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Match 9: Fergal Devitt & Paul Tracy vs. Mike Mendoza & Tony McMillan

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The Irish team, composed of Paul and Fergal, takes on the Bristih Mike Mendoza and Tony McMillan. Paul and Mendoza start off this bout with a series of arm twists and hip tosses. No one seems to have the upper hand until Paul hits Mendoza with a flying headscisors and a big bodyslam. Fergal comes in and continues the damage on his opponent with some clubbing blows to the high part of the back. He tries to restrain Mendoza from reaching out to tag his partner in, but will it work? Fergal is a true master of the suplex as he shows it off with a back suplex and a belly-to-belly overhead version. Mike kicks out of both and manages enough energy to tag in Tony McMillan. When Mike comes in again, he locks on a swinging neckbreaker which leads to a bridged Indian death lock, only to get broke by Paul. Will the British prevail or will the Irish win this international match up?

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